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Hey everyone! I know I haven’t been on in months, and the reason is because I’ve gone back to posting just on my main blog - running two blogs was too stressful, and I was abandoning my main blog because of this one. So I’m back at helenwheeels.tumblr.com, where I post Star Trek TOS, The Beatles, and just normal Tumblr stuff like text posts and videos and shit. Okay. So if you want you can follow me! I’d really appreciate it :)

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Star Trek TOS S2E17

A Piece of Action

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so i was looking up stuff about birth control throughout history and


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when your friend is upset and you’re like


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*picks up phone* ah, yes sir, we got your résumé. it’s just a bunch of photoshopped pictures of Snails playing the bass guitar. you requested a salary of 3 million dollars an hour. you’re hired

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seriously though, list of fucking awful trends in the gay male community:

  • "sassy black woman" voice
  • t-slurs everywhere
  • talking down to women/harassing them because “it’s ok i’m gay lol”
  • transphobia towards trans men (ew, vaginas!!!)
  • misogyny towards cis women (more ew, vaginas!!!!)
  • "gay is the new black" (says white gay men)

like can we just address

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oh my god u guys TOS Kirk wasnt misogynistic he was a hopeless romantic

every pretty girl who walked by was ‘THE LOVE OF MY LIFE OMG ILL ROMANCE HER’

reboot kirk is far more misogynistic than tos kirk js

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The posts that pop up during finals week are the best kinds of posts

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effective feminism is realizing that every struggle is not your own and that you can’t always relate

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